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    UTSU Kyoei Building 5F, 2-8-8 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Film Related

Functional Films

Based on our connections with many different manufacturers, we propose building materials, displays, electronic material parts and other products for a wide range of applications. Please contact us regarding high transparency, mold releasing, easy to mold, heat resistant, chemical resistant and defogging products and products with any other properties. In addition, we can propose solutions using a range of coating films from base films alone, paints and coating methods based on your needs.

Main Products

High Transparency PET Films, Hard Coat Films, In-Mold Films, Fluorine Films, Polycarbonate Films, Mold Release Films Engineering Plastic Films (e.g., PEEK Films, PI Films, COC Films)

Protective Films

We have self-adhesive products and adhesive coated products. They have a wide range of applications such as use in building materials and optics, and may be available from manufacturers with proven track records in Japan and overseas.

Main Products

PET Protective Films, CPP Protective Films, PE Protective Films, PVC Protective Films

Packaging Films

Packaging films have a range of applications in areas such as food, cosmetics and health foods. We are also willing to consult on composition, shape and other matters relating to the design of packaging materials in all phases of production from the raw materials to the final product.

Main Products

LDPE Resins, HDPE Resins, Fluororesins, Silicone Resins, etc. OPP Films, CPP Films, PET Films, NY Films LLDPE Films, Vapor Deposition Films, Transparent Vapor Deposition Films, Barrier Films

Overseas Films

With high quality and stable supply in mind, we have built long-standing cooperative relationships with overseas manufacturers. Small lot delivery by our inventory operation is also possible.

Main Products

PET Films, OPP Films, CPP Films, LLDPE Films, Aluminum Vapor Deposition PET Films, Aluminum Vapor Deposition CPP Films

Environment‐Friendly Materials

We are proposing the high barrier paper material "PROTEGO" of HANSOL in Korea. We propose reducing the volume of plastics, reducing environmental impact by using recycled materials, and improving food loss by extending the expiration date.

Main Products

PROTEGO (High Barrier Paper Sheet)

Contract Processing

Various coatings, laminates, slits, etc. We can make proposals according to customer requests.

Main Products

Lamination, Slitting, Masking, Hard Coat, Adhesive Annealing, Printing, Bag Making, etc.