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    UTSU Kyoei Building 5F, 2-8-8 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Featured Products

PROTEGO, Paper-Based High-Barrier Material

As an economic powerhouse, Japan is facing many challenges and it must now undergo major changes. In the food business where UTSU Co., Ltd. is involved through its film business, many different environmental issues have come into the spotlight, such as the food waste caused by mass production and mass consumption and the single-use plastics used in packaging. Seeking solutions, many national governments, local governments and companies have been implementing ambitious initiatives. Through the film business, we propose solutions with the goal of establishing a recycling-oriented society (3R).


PROTEGO uses Controlled Wood of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) . With excellent oxygen barrier properties (0.4 cc/m2/d) and water vapor barrier properties (1.3 g/m2/d), PROTEGO excels in preventing the oxidization of the package’s contents and aroma retention. It also minimizes the generation of paper dust and is suitable for print processing, lamination and other types of secondary processing. PROTEGO contributes to the reduction of environmental impact by reducing the amount of plastics and reducing food waste by extending the period before the expiration date. Manufacturer: Hansol Paper (major paper manufacturer in South Korea)

Amino Acid-Based Surfactants (Naturally Derived)

Requirements for cleaning performance are shifting from “removing dirt by any means” to “being friendly to the Earth and people.” The amino acid-based surfactants we provide are cleaning ingredients made from naturally derived fatty acids, amino acids and alkaline agents. They are characteristically able to remove a good amount of dirt while keeping hair and skin moist, in comparison with oil-, sulfuric acid- or soap-based cleaning ingredients. Furthermore, these surfactants can add different effects to products. For example, changing the combination of fatty acids, amino acids and alkaline agents can enhance foaming and enable a moist and fresh finish after cleaning.

Main Products

Sodium lauroyl glutamate (INCI name: Sodium lauroyl glutamate, CAS number: 29923-31-7) Sodium cocoyl glutamate (INCI name: Sodium cocoyl glutamate, CAS number: 68187-32-6) Potassium cocoyl glycinate (INCI name: Cocoyl glycinate K, CAS number: 301341-58-2) Sodium cocoyl glycinate (INCI name: Na cocoyl glycinate, CAS number: 90387-74-9) TEA-cocoyl glutamate (INCI name: TEA-cocoyl glutamate, CAS number: 68187-29-1) Compatible with ISO containers, flexi containers, IBC containers, drums and other packing styles Already used in shampoos, body soaps, hand soaps, electronic materials and other product categories