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    UTSU Kyoei Building, 2-8-8 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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    UTSU Kyoei Building 5F, 2-8-8 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Environmental Policy

Management Philosophy

Based on the company motto of trust, let's expand our business through harmony and creativity among employees, and build a rewarding, bright workplace and a rich life.

Environmental Philosophy

As a trading company specializing in industrial chemicals, UTSU Co., Ltd. clearly grasps the impact of its sales activities on the global environment and promotes business activities in harmony with the environment.

Basic Policy

  1. Identify the impact of business activities on the environment, set environmental targets, and implement environmental activities based on the environmental management system. The system will be reviewed appropriately to improve the results of activities and continuously improve the system.
    • Comply with environmental laws and regulations, as well as other compliance obligations of the Company.
      • In addition to improving the efficiency of business activities, we will implement improvement activities in cooperation with business partners and work to protect the environment by reducing environmental impact and preventing pollution. In particular, we will promote the following as priority issues.
        • Resource and Energy Conservation
        • Reduction of waste
        • Operational Efficiency
        • Development and sales expansion of environmentally friendly products
      • Promote environmental activities with the participation of all employees.
        • We will strive to raise environmental awareness widely by gaining the understanding and cooperation of not only employees but also their families, and others around us.
          • The environmental policy shall be disclosed to a wide range of interested parties.

            CSR Corporate Action Guidelines and SDGs

            CSR Corporate Conduct Guidelines

            UTSU Co., Ltd. conducts its business in accordance with rules of fairness both in Japan and overseas, as well as other laws and regulation. We provide valuable products and services, and seek to make a profit so that we can make a broad contribution to society and help our employees enjoy affluent lives. We have set down the following Corporate Conduct Guidelines to help us fulfill our social responsibilities;

            1. Comply with Laws and Regulations
                We carry out fair corporate activities that are in accordance with laws, regulations, in-house rules and social norms and live up to the trust given to us by our customers, employees, local communities and all other stakeholders.
            2. Establish Trust Relationships with Our Customers
                We supply the products and services that satisfy our customers' needs, together with correct information related to these. We have built business relationships and in accordance with fair rules based on mutual trust .
            3. Gain Understanding and Trust through Fair and Honest Management Practices
                We will gain the understanding and trust of society through our fair and honest corporate management practices and our internal controls.
            4. Do Our Part to Protect the Environment
                We carry out environmentally friendly business activities based on our environmental management systems, so that we can both do our part to protect the environment and contribute to an affluent society.
            5. Create a Good Work Environment
                We respect the human rights and diversity of our employees and are creating a safe and fair work environment in which everyone can utilize their abilities to the fullest extent.
            6. Communicate with Society
                As a member of society, we will disclose necessary corporate information accurately and on time and gain trust through our corporate activities that put an emphasis on proper communication with society.
            7. Appropriate Information Management
                We store and manage confidential information appropriately. This includes data about ourselves, our customers, our employees and third parties, as well as personal information that we receive.
            8. Coexist with Local Communities
                We have great respect for local history, culture and customs. We strive to build good relationships with local communities.
            9. Have a Healthy Relationship with Politics and Administration
                We are promoting healthful and transparent relationships in the areas of politics and local government.
            10. Take a Firm Stance against Antisocial Forces
                We take a tough line against antisocial forces that include organized criminal elements and will have nothing to do with them under any circumstances.

            What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

            The Sustainable Development Goals are international goals of achieving a sustainable and better world by 2030 which adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets aiming to make society better globally. In compliance with its Corporate Action Guidelines, UTSU Co., Ltd. will continue to be actively committed to the achievement of the SDGs through its corporate activities every day.

            Today, a trading company’s business ranges widely, including commercial transactions, information, research, market development, business development, risk management and many other businesses. Trading companies engage in business with many business partners around the world while flexibly adapting to the needs of the era. Having a global network is one advantage of trading companies and it greatly contributes to the achievement of the SDGs. In the creation of businesses by connecting people, employees are the greatest asset of trading companies. Building a work environment that enables employees to fully demonstrate their skills and feel secure so they are able to concentrate on their jobs is one of the major roles of trading companies. Hiring and promoting human resources with diverse backgrounds enables innovative thinking and perspectives and leads to the creation of new value in business. How can a trading company contribute to society? Only trading companies can achieve innovation to bridge the gap between goals and current facts and approach issues from a broad perspective. Through the sale of chemical products, we will continue to seek to improve society and people’s lives.